Our admission price is $30.00 per vehicle per movie ( a vehicle consists of up to 8 people!)
(Schools, clubs, etc wishing to bring buses should
'contact us' by e-mail or phone first for a special deal.)


HOME                                                                                    DISCOUNT ADMISSION  

Attend TWO consecutive sessions for $50.00 per car or $70.00 per car for THREE consecutive sessions.

When FOUR sessions are being run the discount cost for all 4 sessions is $90.00 per car.

For discount admission you MUST purchase your tickets together. We do not give refunds if you change your mind.

NOTE: If you do want to see an additional movie after already purchasing your ticket, you will be charged another $30.00 per  session.
We DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS unless a spaceship from Neptune lands in front of the screen AND it is green with pink spots.